Collection: pearls

we love pearls!  

We strive to pick and choose, and hand select when possible, the very best quality pearls.  We love creating with these natural beauties & each one is truly unique.  which makes each pearl piece just a wee bit different from another.  We use both freshwater and Tahitian pearls with the Tahitians being oh so special.   What's the difference?

Freshwater pearls are just that, born in fresh water.  Using mussels as the incubator, they are grown in sources like rivers and lakes. Super durable in nature, these pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are much more plentiful as the host mollusk can produce up to 50 pearls at time.  this helps designers create awesome pieces that allow for pearls to be worn in so many styles that definitely do not mimic your grandmothers strand...

Tahitian pearls are grown in oysters, and in salt water.  These glorious pearls are much more rare due to the fact that the host mollusk can typically produce about 3 pearls at the time.  they are also larger in nature than freshwater pearls, and a higher quality of nacre, making them more valuable.

pearls have and always will be a staple for every woman.  You will find classic, timeless pieces and also trendy, unique pieces that are always appropriate for any occasion!